About Erik - Erik Bateman

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Aloha... Ahoy... Hello.

Hopefully if you're here you share Erik Bateman's enthusiasm and passion for nature and specifically the ocean. Erik enjoys being in or around the sea whenever possible. When not taking photos he surfs, SUPs,  dives, plays ukulele and has been learning to kiteboard. He's been fortunate enough to spend over a decade living in Hawaii and is now in Huntington Beach, California. Capturing moments in time has been his long time passion. Erik studied photography at Hallmark Institute of Photography. Combining both photography and the ocean he hopes to create images that are as fun for you to look at as they are for him to take. Thanks for being here. 

Short list of photography equipment used:

Canon DSLRs

Tokina and Canon lenses

Aquatech Imaging Solutions Water Housings

GoPro 4 Silver

KNEKT Trigger and Dome

Photo by Juan Oliphant

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